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We “Mian Unico Sports Products” are keeping alive the tradition of craft and quality since long. We are in “Soccer Ball” manufacturing since long, about 65 years ago our reverend grandfather made an initiative for the manufacturing of “Soccer Balls/Footballs”, when the suppliers occurred some demand.

Our grandfather was in sound position to take this work, as he was already engaged in making Leather Footballs/Soccer Balls too in that particular time, and that is how he was preferred by suppliers to have this “Soccer Balls/Footballs” manufacturing too. He had already a well-known identity in the market, because of his experience of field and skill. So our grandfather is still, remembered in the line of those great and big footballs makers, who were known as very first personalities to start football manufacturing in the city, which later effects the whole world for its magnitude supply of quality work.

Our grandfather job was to supply and make footballs according to the demands of the suppliers, which was later exported abroad by these suppliers. Our grandfather was doing his football manufacturing work on regular basis, as its demand was rising high day by day. He was fully determined to do this job, so he decided to train and make expert our father in footballs manufacturing.

Our revered father was also educated person, so he picked this job swiftly with full understanding of work and expertise in it, he got full advantages of our grandfather’s experience. After the death of our grandfather, our father got the charge of his job. It was utmost desire of our late father, that the export of the football was made possible, rather than just doing manufacturing for local suppliers. Infect, he wanted to make his quality manufacturing product name in international market. Therefore, in the very first, he accomplished our education, and attached us in his business. He transferred his possible experience and expertise in us regarding football manufacturing. We were also keen to do our father job in more better and even best way. After our MCS (Master in Computer Science), we got full expertise in our field, and make possible the foundation of our first export company, “Mian Unico Sports Products”.


“Mian Unico Sports Products” is a well-known manufacturing and exporting firm not only in Pakistan, but also in the whole world because of its distinctive quality and high standard work. Our parents did a great job to expand our business. It is our first concern to provide our Foreign Customers the best football supply at most fair prices. In this way we are earning name for our company as well as for the beloved homeland Pakistan. 


We are “Quality Conscious” people for our production, so we are strict to maintain our Quality Standard, we do keen and carefully check each and every our item/product before of our factory that is why our foreign customers feel full confidence and satisfaction about our work. For this all credit goes to our expert team and experienced workers. We are dealing regular order and getting full-fledged confidence of our clients. 


Our Manufacturing Process:

We are doing day and night work to make our quality better and our products more worthy, so that we not only keep our customer’s confidence, but also make it more firm and sound regarding our quality manufacturing. 

In the early years as export firm, we make a full-fledged set up of 

• Soccer Balls/Footballs
• Volleyballs
• Basket Balls
• Hand Balls
• Indoor Balls
• Medicine Balls
• Futsal Balls (Sala Balls)


We are manufacturing all sorts of above mentioned balls in our Factory.

We have our well organized and well-equipped


• Cutting Press Section
• Printing Department
• Stitching Units

All the balls are fully made with the accordance and requirements of our worthy customers. We have a distinctive Lamination Process, which differentiate the common process, and much latest in its implementation.

We always use Cross Lining Lamination Method for the quality manufacturing of our balls, and always use pure latex material with pure latest method. We affix the latex layers after correct gram process. To make our balls fully waterproof we use extra layer of latex. Our purpose to do all this process is to maintain the quality as well as the shape of the ball, whereas, the bounce is also controlled because of this method. 

With the demand of Balls our customers also demanded us for Sportswear/Apparel. This they do so, as they wanted to fulfill all their ball’s accessories from one place at same time. We preferred the worthy verdicts of our customers; we got all possible resources and information for “Hosiery” and “Sportswear”. We higher highly experts and skilled staff, got latest machinery and at last fully equipped our this unit too. We have highly qualified pattern masters, who device new beautiful and revolutionary designs for our sportswear products. We are always busy in making new designs for our customers according to their demands, our some customers give us just sketch or picture or drawing for the particular products, which is later made by our skilled staff with full dexterity of work. Our customers always appreciate and praise our new designs also. We 100% follow our customer’s demands and requirements, that is why our customers are doing business with us on regular basis.

    design it
        dye it
             wash it
                  knit it
                       stitch it
                           shape it
                                print it
                                    press it
                                         pack it
                                              deliver it……..